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Dr Clint Hampson

Clint is a specialised criminal defence lawyer who has a diverse set of skills and experience in both the law and in the field of forensic science. Clint completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) at Curtin University and a Masters (MSc) in Forensic Science at the University of Western Australia before moving to the UK to take up an academic position as a senior lecturer and researcher in Forensic science at Liverpool University. During his time in the UK, Clint completed his Doctorate (PhD) in Forensic science and consulted to the UK Foreign Commonwealth office as an international forensic advisor.

On returning to Australia in 2009 Clint became the Managing Director of Forensic Pathways, a dynamic global company providing a number of diverse services to various organisations across the criminal justice system in Australia and New Zealand. These services included:

  • Homicide case reviews;
  • Criminal Appeals;
  • Expert forensic consultancy (blood pattern analysis, DNA, digital forensics, fingerprint examinations, documents, soil forensics, palynology, ballistics et cetera);
  • Due diligence and forensic investigations; and
  • Mobile phone and telecommunication analytics.

Clint has extensive trial experience having consulted in numerous homicide and other serious criminal matters in the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia and in the High Court of New Zealand.

Clint completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Edith Cowan University and was subsequently admitted as a practitioner in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He now focuses on criminal defence work, including homicides, serious drug and sexual assault matters, burglaries, property and dishonesty offences, traffic matters, restraining orders, appeals, cold cases and more. Clint’s unique range of legal, forensic and investigative skills and his passion for social justice allows him to provide his clients with an unparalleled service.

Joanne Oliver

Joanne completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Edinburgh-Napier University in Scotland in 2007 prior to moving to Australia in 2008. Since moving to Australia, Joanne has completed a Bachelor of Laws from Edith Cowan University in 2013 and was admitted as a practitioner in the Supreme Court of Western Australia following the completion of her articles with a prominent criminal law firm in 2014. Joanne now focuses on criminal defence work and appears daily in all jurisdictions in WA.

Robin Napper

Robin has more than 31 years of police experience mainly in the field of Serious Crime Investigation, including many major and complex investigations in the UK, America and Australia. He has delivered training in the area of Forensically Driven Intelligence Led Policing at numerous institutions around the world including the Police Staff College Bramshill and the FBI Academy. He has also been an advisor to the UK Home Office as well as the Australian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Oman and Jordan Police Services on legislation issues involving DNA.

For the past 10 years Robin has worked as an independent Forensic and investigative consultant where he has been intrinsically involved in a number of high profile homicide and miscarriage of justice cases in WA.

Amir Murad

Amir completed his Law Degree at Murdoch University in 2015 and was subsequently admitted as a legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in the same year. Amir worked for a busy criminal law firm before moving to Legal Pathways in 2016. At Legal Pathways Amir handles a wide range of legal matters including criminal law, confiscation orders, family court matters and conveyancing.

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