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Conveyancing & Probate (Wills)



At Legal Pathways we provide a cost effective conveyancing service in Western Australia. Whether you are buying an existing house, unit, apartment, vacant land, commercial property, shop or retail premise, our team of lawyers can minimise the stress and inconvenience by facilitating your settlement for you. We offer a prompt and professional service that is competitively priced with most settlement agents and other law firms.

Wills and Probate
When it comes to sorting out inheritance claims and wills, it is not unusual for disputes to arise as such matters can often be complex. There are a range of issues that may arise over the distribution of a loved one’s estate. At Legal Pathways we have a team of lawyers who can help resolved these disputes in a professional and cost effective manner.
In order to minimise the chance of dispute, it is important to have your will drafted by someone with legal knowledge in this particular area of law. Our team of lawyers at Legal Pathways have this experience and are more than happy to assist you in drafting and finalising your will so that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.
For further information on how we can secure your beneficiaries future, please contact our office at or on the office mobile 0428 583 545

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