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Family Law Perth

Many couples reach amicable agreements in relation to dividing their property and in relation to their children’s care arrangements on separation. Agreements can be made consensually between the parties (Binding financial agreements or parenting orders) and can be formalised as court orders (Consent orders). The court seeks to make orders that are fair and equitable to both parties in relation to their property and orders relating to the children are always made in the best interest of the children. These agreements and orders are legally binding and do affect your rights under the Family Law Act so it is important you seek legal advice prior to entering into any agreement.

At Legal Pathways we have experienced lawyers who can provide you with that legal advice and assist you in negotiating and drafting these types of legal documents.

Unfortunately there are occasions where the parties have difficulties negotiating and reaching agreement over property or children’s issues. This inevitably requires the assistance of lawyers and the Family Court to resolve any disagreement. Our lawyers are experienced in this process and can assist with mediation, negotiation, conciliation and if required representation at trial.
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